Listening to Cheb Hasni in Modern Morocco.

With the popularity of Rai and the high rate of youth unemployment, Rai became the music of the Algerian youth. Rai gave the youth a voice to express their cultural freedom. However, the rise of Rai was not only seen as a threat to the regime, but also to fundamentalist Islamic groups. After the Algerian army cancelled the result of the elections in 1991, which began the 11 years long civil war, a

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Eid Al-Adha: A Double-Faced Edifice in Moroccan Society.

By Oussama Benayad;

The globalization which Morocco has undergone during the last two decades has had inordinate influence on many realms. Morocco’s economy is in continuous growth ever since, if not before, the concept of affordable housing started to ingrain itself in Moroccan households, together with that of the supermarket: The gate towards an illusory shift in one’s social class. Continue reading

I reckon The Berber Pantheon have been close to me during my stay here, for I have felt their presence in a way I have not felt any other force. Perhaps because I am in their territory, or perhaps because I am a down-and-out lad in their territory who is, thus, able to transcend the circumference of idealism, as being opposed to reality. This, of course, is not the first time I come here, and yet this time Continue reading

El Hanae, Marrakesh street, Jamaica – Khemisset, Morocco.