The bitter dawn – Poem By Oussama Benayad.

I was not born at time of peace,

nor was I at time of war.

I was born at time of nihilism,

With high blocks of flat-like abysses.

Had I been at time of lyre-players,

My name would’ve preceded that of God.

Was I at time of ideas’ cradle,

Life would now be defiled and gnawed.

Unfortunately, I have come late;

to look at God’s looking at yore,

to see ephemeral fools building,

what shall outlive themselves.

O lord come to me, for

the intoxication of you is warmer.

O Odorless Goddess I recourse to you —

Gods have lost their pride,

Hope’s been cut asunder,

But the ground is still ours,

and I aspire to going under.

 O Gods of life and light surrender,

You and I have lost.

Come with me, for all our words

are but the lifeless grave of a saint.

 …فقد صدقت وما صدق غيري


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